Hear how the world’s best companies use Turing.com to hire the world’s best engineers. Listen to Vijay Krishnan, CTO and Co-Founder of Turing discuss how they match the best companies with the best global engineering talent using a combination of deep domain expertise and machine learning. Vijay also shares his lessons to founders and entrepreneurs as well as to aspiring machine learning and AI engineers.

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00:00 Introduction

01:31 Vijay’s Machine Learning career

05:16 Moving into an Executive in Residence (EIR) role to find the next big idea

11:24 Advice to founders – Three important lessons

15:12 The world was moving to remotely distributed teams before COVID

17:04 If you know your idea is right, ignore the doubters (including the VCs)

19:18 You have to be 10x better than anybody else

19:54 Finding and narrowing in on the biggest, best idea

23:50 What does Turing do and what is the value prop for customers and engineers?

27:36 Never interview for another job again. Oh and work from your beach-house for Silicon valley companies.

28:59 Why is it so hard for companies to hire top quality remote engineers without a platform like Turing?

36:14 Team building is always hard. How do you make these remote teams work for the engineers and the people who hire them?

38:14 Process and practices help build functional remote teams

43:58 Why Turing insists on having good English skills as a baseline (spoiler alert: real-time machine language translation is not here yet.)

46:07 What geographies does Turing serve in terms of customers?

47:02 And what about the engineers and software developers?

49:19 Why focus only on engineers? Why not any of the other surrounding roles?

52:15 Stay hyper-focused so that you can be 20x-30x better than the competition

52:58 Does Turing also work with machine learning and data science engineers?

54:12 What is Turing’s business model?

58:07 Where does Turing USE machine learning?

01:04:00 Raising another round of financing

01:06:30 What is Turing hiring for these days in terms of roles?

01:07:21 Senior engineering talent is in really short supply

01:09:35 Advice to founders: Nail the market – make sure it’s big

01:12:09 Advice to engineers: Learn the foundations but also learn the business

01:17:00 Wrapping up!

01:18:47 Signing off

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Hire Top Remote Developers: http://turing.com/hire-engineers

Apply to Top US and Silicon Valley Remote Developer Jobs: http://turing.com/jobs


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