Listen in to my conversation with Kevin Tu from DFJ Growth while we discuss the next ten years of the AI market, the difference between AI-enabled companies and AI-first companies, characteristics of well-funded startups, the structure of the AI ecosystem, whether AI businesses are really different from a business model perspective, when to build vs. buy AI infrastructure, and finally, some advice to entrepreneurs building AI focused companies.

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-- Timing –

00:00 Introduction
01:35 Kevin’s background from engineering to finance and then venture capital
05:38 The next ten years of the A.I. market
09:31 AI-enabled vs. AI-first companies
14:23 What is DFJ Growth looking for and what are a couple of examples of recent funding? (Neocis and DataRobot)
21:06 What are some characteristics of companies that will have a higher chance of success?
23:23 Structure of the ecosystem – layers of the stack
28:20 Are the business models of AI companies really that different?
29:50 In the early days you do the unscalable work, and then optimize and scale later
31:56 Should startups roll their own infrastructure or leverage existing cloud infrastructure?
35:05 Advice to builders and entrepreneurs
38:21 When should a startup reach out to you or your team?
40:28 Contact information
41:09 Wrap-up

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