Marketers today are drowning in data and have little insight. Too many dashboards from too many channels, all with different user interfaces and data schemas, means that making sense of it all takes too much time, and often doesn’t lead to clear insights such as “this channel doesn’t work and we should stop spending on it”. To make matters worse, each platform’s analytics are siloed and their goal is to increase, not decrease, your spend on that platform. was formed by a team of marketing agency experts to solve this problem Hear Roy Nallapeta discuss the state of the industry, why marketing software needs to be more like a Tesla, and how leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning can help marketers make better and more effective allocation decisions in much less time.

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00:00 Introduction
01:29 Roy’s background and career
02:38 About
03:30 The Marketing Automation and software market
04:42 The Big AHA moment – every marketer has the same questions, too many dashboards, and no answers
06:30 Making channel allocation investment decisions is brutal for marketers
08:39 If your car can drive across town, your marketing app should be able to run itself too
09:15 How does all this magic work?
13:21 What’s it like to live with this kind of toolset compared to how it’s done today?
18:01 What if your intelligent marketing co-pilot could identify risk and predict campaign success?
20:06 What if a marketer could save 30% of their time and avoid cost misallocation of funds to the wrong channels?
25:55 Who’s the competition? Doing nothing and using too many dashboards
27:25 What’s your business model for Glance and who are your customers?
30:28 Connecting with the team
31:25 Closing comments