Hear Bharath Gaddam explain how your company can save or reallocate 20% of its marketing spend by establishing a clear cause between online marketing, offline marketing, and current and future sales using the power of AI, in particular, deep learning. He also digs into how 98% of the marketing automation industry is failing its customers by using the wrong tools for the job and what his team is doing about it.

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00:00 Introduction
00:46 Bharath’s career – the genesis of DataPOEM
05:32 The DataPOEM hypothesis – connected intelligent decision support for Marketers
06:55 The Martech 5000 (which is really 8000+)
09:04 The language and semantics of “Marketing ROI” is all wrong – how marketing decision makers are being misled by the vendors
12:05 Market Mix Modelling, Multi-touch attribution, and hybrid solutions and what they’re missing
15:13 Our mission – No FUQs (Frequently UNanswered questions!)
17:43 All existing systems only solve operational issues, not leaders issues
20:00 Marketing leaders don’t have the information they need so they fall back to Excel and mental models.
22:54 Current vendors are using the wrong tool for the job – they’re attempting (and failing) to solve complex multi-variate problems with simple single-variable tools
26:55 The solution big idea – a holistic approach to solving the problems
30:28 Using syndicated data sources to rely less on the customer bringing the data
31:00 Integrations with 200+ data sources
34:34 How deep learning solved our problem
42:19 Summary
44:32 Who are the best fit customers for a solution like this?