VAR Services For AI Product Vendors

For AI product vendors looking to scale their business by adding a trusted partner, we offer VAR Services including co-selling, co-marketing, and product installation and customization.

Education & Consulting For Enterprise AI adopters

For leadership teams in SMB ($500M-$1B) or Enterprise accounts (>$1B), who are looking to increase competitiveness and differentiation through the application of AI and Machine learning technologies, and who are struggling to gain momentum, we offer:

4 hour  Educational leadership primer workshops (online)

6 week customized AI Adoption Training programs including

  • assessment of organizational priorities,
  • baseline education on use cases, capabilities, and limitations of AI;
  • AI maturity assessment including Skills & Talent, as well as Infrastructure;
  • Opportunity development: identifying candidate areas that align with organizational priorities that may benefit from the application of AI and Machine Learning
  • Opportunity portfolio refinement and experiment plan
  • Opportunity selection and next steps planning

Custom Build-vs-buy engagements:

Organizations should mostly be taking a portfolio approach to building AI competency. We can help with the build-vs-buy discussion which quite often ends up requiring a mix of build AND buy, from AI-products, to AI / ML platforms, and all the way to building and managing your own AI/ML infrastructure. The ecosystem is developing very quickly and we will help you navigate the ecosystem.

Research Services For Analyst firms

For analyst firms that are trying to generate more content and/or grow their business in the AI/ML space but who don't have enough knowledgeable staff, we offer research, interview, market mapping, market analysis .